POSSIM imagePOSSIM: POwer Systems SIMulator is a simulation tool for testing the impact of smart grid technologies on low voltage (LV) distribution systems.

Recent years have seen a large increase in the proliferation of smart grid technologies, such as distributed generation, distributed storage, demand management, and electric vehicles. Many simulation studies are being conducted into the potential impact of these technologies on low voltage distribution networks.  POSSIM aims to provide a common platform for researchers to share their tools and results.

POSSIM inputs quantities such as an LV grid model, baseload demand profiles, vehicle travel profiles, battery models, fluctuating electricity price, and additional information as required by other custom modules.  It then simulates their interaction, and provides relevant data such as load flow, demand over time, etc.

Some features of POSSIM:

  • Open-source and free
  • Written in C++
  • Uses the CMake build tool to be cross-platform compliant
  • Interfaces with other power flow software, such as MATLAB SimPowerSystems
  • Hosted on GitHub
  • Version control using Git